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  • Textiles made for Africa
  • Textiles made for Africa
  • Made for Africa, Egoli Textiles manufactures high-quality proudly South African textile designs, contemporary apparel, printed T-shirts and accessories inspired by traditional African textile techniques.
  • Founded by Sinoneliso (Sino) Xaba, who has a qualification in textile design and printing, Egoli Textiles has been in the business for five years. Prior to opening her own African fashion studio, Xaba started by selling her textile fabrics, African fashion and accessories through flea markets, trade shows and exhibitions, locally and in Europe.
  • She has since created a brand that is focused on sustainable fashion, ethical business practices and is conscious of skills development and training. Adding value to customers, being environmentally conscious and giving back to the youth through skills training is important for Egoli Textile Designs.
  • “Everything we do at Egoli Textiles is to ensure that as a business, we contribute meaningfully not only to the growth of the South African economy, but to also develop - together with the support of our customers - a sustainable fashion business that is profitable with minimal impact to the environment founded on ethical business practices,” says Xaba.
  • Specialising in African prints, wax prints, tie dye silk screen printing, and high quality ready to wear African fashion such as sarongs/African kimono’s, headwraps/scarves, one of a kind beaded leather bags, the brand has managed to offer training skills for the youth.
  • They have a Digital African Textile Design course which breaks away from the mould with regard to African indigenous designs. It is an unprecedented training course that is offered to unemployed graduates in the field of textile, fashion and graphic design.
  • The aim of the course is to teach graduates digital African textile design and to help up-scale micro enterprises in the textile and fashion industry through the use of computer software.

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